Why face to face meetings?

Personal communication, especially about money matters, needs to be very clear and focused.  Any error in interpretation can reduce results and make it more difficult to hit your goals.  Studies at UCLA indicated that communication effectiveness was up to 93% non-verbal cues!  Another study indicated that communication effectiveness was only 7% from the words used, 38% was voice quality and 55% was from non-verbal communication cues.  Meeting with clients face to face helps significantly in understanding their needs and wants.  These face to face meetings greatly improve clients understanding of the risks and potential rewards of the various investment options discussed. 

These meetings may sound old fashioned with all of the electronic options we have these days, but people want their goals, thoughts, and concerns heard.  We enjoy making house calls to make the process even easier for our clients!  No downtown traffic and parking!  Relax and we will come to you!