Retirement Income

 For most people, entering retirement means converting your hard earned savings and investments into a retirement income stream.  This is not easy to do.  Assuming it is can be financially devastating.  Most people are uncomfortable or maybe even frightened at the idea of making big changes at this period of their lives.  More than at any other time of their lives, they desire a seasoned financial professional to help guide them.  This period is when your assets have a higher value than ever before.  At this critical time, you want to reduce risk of losses if at all possible.  

Most people lack the expertise to navigate through the many dangers.  If they make a serious mistake, they do not want to return to working to make up the possible losses.   Gary will customize appropriate strategies to suit your retirement vision and objectives. He can help you execute a sound investment program utilizing proven products and services such as:

  • Professional Asset Allocation
  • Income oriented Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Income oriented BDCs (Business Development Corporations)
  • Annuities with income guarantees
  • Dividend paying stocks
  • CDs and CD ladders
  • Bonds and bond ladders
  • Tax Reduction Strategies