Gary Cassill's Services

Gary Cassill realizes that safety and guarantees can be very comforting to have in your investment and income producing portfolio.  Transferring financial risk to a strong insurance carrier can make sense in an investment portfolio in much the same way as it does when owning a home or operating an automobile.

After over 30 years of being licensed in this State, Gary has seen the value of Life Insurance, Disability Insurance ('Paycheck Insurance') and Annuities for his clients.

With easy access to over 200 carriers, Gary can easily search for better Life Insurance Rates than most Advisors can.

Many investors like the Guaranteed Income Riders that are available in some annuity programs.  These extra cost riders assure investors that the stated income from the annuity will continue throughout their lives.  Gary can help you determine the differences between annuity carrier's Guaranteed Income Riders, and recommend higher rated insurance companies for peace of mind.